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Expert’s aricles #103-21
Headline * 30 percent of Northern youths are street beggars - AYM  
Author * Victor Ulasi  
Theme * Others  
Language * English  
Arewa Youth Mobilization has presented statistics proving that 30 percent of Northern youths between the ages of 4 to 13 are street beggars.��AYM calls on the Kaduna state government to abolish the act of street begging in Kaduna state to prevent the unlawful engament of youths been used as political torques to cause crisis in the state.
In an interview with Nigerian Tribune on Monday, The Secretary General, Arewa Youth Mobilization Usuf A. Barau said” In the North begging has become a tradition and a way of life, it has come to the extent that parent now see street begging as a source of income which have lead to both the able and disabled ones begging to earn a living.”
“This resulted from the former system of Islamic Education, parents move their children from home and take them to a faraway place in order to give them a learned Malam who are going to take care of these children and give them the Islamic education. These children are been left with the Malam with nothing for the Malam to feed the children and also the malam have his own family to take care of, so, at the end of the day the children are sent out to go and beg and bring some money back also for the Malam. That has ended up in making most of the Northern youths to become street beggars.”�� ��
“We have conducted a research and our statistics have showed that over 30 percent of Northern youths between the age ranges of 4 to 13 are street beggars.�These youths are children who do not know anything or think for themselves and they have parents, their parents are supposed to cater for the children until they are able to finish their basic education not the children going out to beg to come back and take care of the parents.”�
Commenting further, Usuf A. Barau said” Arewa Youth Mobilization is now creating awareness and enlightening the Parents of these children in order to make them bring back their children home and arrange a way of which they are going to get their children learned with Islamic. We have also made several move to Kaduna state government on the need for them to abolish street begging to avoid our youths been used a political torques.”
“Whenever there is a crisis in the North the people you see killing and fighting are youth with that ages range, because a youth who begs for N5 and eventually was given N100 and ask to massacre his fellow human before you know it they will kill everyone in the whole state. If street begging is abolished there would be no room for such things.”
In an interview with a street beggar Abulaziz Abubakar said while speaking in Hausa” Street begging is begging but a work because they are been sent out from the Islamic school to go work which we call begging. That when we finish school the nest place we go to is work and so it is the same thing with me so why are you calling my work begging.”
“When we go out what we get during the day is what we use to feed ourselves. I am not begging and you should stop calling me a beggar because Almagir never means beggars in Islam, and come to think of it we all are almagir one way or the other. Stop calling me a beggar,” he said with a loud voiceTo this end, Usuf A. Barau called on government of Kaduna state to intervene and abolish the act of street begging in Kaduna state which have become a menace in the North in general.


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